Directions For Women Is …

bringing personal finance home

Why is it we think of money as something separate, even distant, from us? It’s somewhere over there, demanding our attention, but easy for us to ignore, at least for now.

It doesn’t seem to belong to us. Often it has little to do with what is important in our lives – our families, our friends, our communities. It’s out of context.

Advisors may intimidate or bore us. They talk in terms of basis points and risk tolerance, using terms we don’t understand or care about.

We are not stupid. We are different.

Imagine a world where money is integral to our identity. A necessary nutrient. Where there is such a thing as a “money instinct” that we could trust and exercise with confidence.

Imagine a world where finance is brought home to women.

“Directions provides what might be called preplanning services – when people acquire the degree of self-confidence and education that allows them to seek out and benefit from a financial planning relationship.” – Bob Veres, Inside Information